Professional Dreamer.

talents include:
know my story and not my name.

You’re attractive.

And I know you like cocoa puffs.

So come get dissssssssss.

*awkwardly fails at trying to be sexual*

One time…these two squirrels were having sex in my grandma’s front yard….I didn’t stop them because it looked interesting.

Sibling: *does something incredibly stupid*

Me: *attempts to kill sibling*

Mother: Don’t touch her! That’s your sister!

Me: >_> Well it looks like my sister’s gonna die today.


THIS is how a man should look when he sees his wife in her wedding dress. Overjoyed with love and excitement. He should have tears in his eyes knowing she is going to be with him forever. How could you not look at your future wife and not cry at how beautiful she looks on her wedding day? Cmon now. 

forever reblog.

I’ve reblogged this picture before, but I just couldn’t help doin’ it again! One of the many things I hate about being a hopeless romantic. 

Cutest thing ever

(Source:, via alwaysmissingsomeone)

This is actually the first episode out of four seasons of AHS where I almost pissed myself because I got scared. That fucking clown.

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