Stay Afloat.⚓

Food. Music.
16Years Young.
Okay? Okay.
Stay true to yourself.
Living young, wild and free.
Proud to be perfectly imperfect.
It's hard to get high when you've been living on the bottom.
Seize the moment.

#JusticeForCoran | Autism Awareness

Kids that do dumb shit like this really piss me off.
My younger brother has autism and if anyone were to ever pull half the shit that the people that are discussed in this video did… they sure would get fucked up.



sometimes i feel bad for boys bc they cant play with boobs whenever they want lol losers

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Its not that I don’t believe in god… its just I don’t want to base my life around something that may or may not be true… I figure, I’ll find out the truth when I die. But until then, I’m just gunna live however I feel.

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